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Enter The Holy Womb

Through the 8 Grail Gates 


The Womb Grail. Your Interior Feminine Castle.
Enter and Awaken to Heaven in Your Earthly Body 

  • Access to your body's deepest feminine wisdom.

  • Personal meditation, breath, and mantra practices.

  • An initiatory path of union of the physical and the spiritual.

  • Held in a loving, guided container to carry you deep into the sacred feminine.

  • Four months to step through the 8 sacred centers of a woman’s unique anatomy.

  • Two weeks of dedication per gate.

Yes, it's a big commitment.

Take a deep breath and take in this possibility. 

Trust that the Great Lady will let you know if this is right for you.


For 16 weeks, we will be live online -  90 minutes each Thursday morning

 Oct. 27th, 2022 - March 9th, 2023

9 - 10:30 am Pacific Time

*(Holiday breaks - Nov. 24th, Dec. 29th, Jan 5th) 

Recordings will be shared after each session

Women of All Ages are Welcome.

In the name of the Goddess, Loving self-empowerment,

Intuitive access, and Embodying the Feminine Christ,

We step toward the Awakened Womb...

To find our way home to the Womb of All Creation

With Neesa & Nadine
founders of Her Holy Temple Mystery School for Women

More about Neesa. 

For more about Nadine Keller, click to her School of Love website.  

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Pink Sugar

OCT 27 & NOV 3

1st Grail Gate: Maiden/Virgin – Innocence/Renewal

Wonder, Rebirth, New Beginnings, Openness, Faith, Optimism, and Light.

NOV 10 & 17

2nd Grail Gate: Mother/Lover – Ecstasy/Abundance

Pleasure, Nurturing, Sensuality, Wild, Giving, Bountiful, Soft Power

BREAK for Thanksgiving – 1 week

DEC 1 & 8

3rd Grail Gate: Crone/Initiator – Wisdom/Dissolution

Wild Power, Deep Knowing, Truth, Stillness, Soul Merging, Catharsis


DEC 15 & 22

4th Grail Gate: Womb Earth Element – Harmony/Life Cycles

Primordial Union, Web of Life, Womb of Gaia, Support, Trust, New Earth

BREAK for X-mas – two weeks


JAN 12 & 19

5th Grail Gate: Womb Fire Element – Passion/Creativity

Shining, Sensuality, Activated, Luscious, Magnetic, Desire, Beauty


JAN 26 & FEB 2

6th Grail Gate: Womb Air Element – Inspiration/Conception

Clarity, Purity, Peace, Celestial Light, Imagination, Freedom


FEB 9 & 16 

7th Grail Gate: Womb Water Element – Devotion/Surrender

Merging, Flowing, Intuition, Deep Feelings, Receptivity, Prophesy


FEB 23 & MAR 9

8th Grail Gate: Cosmic Womb/Divine Mother – Oneness

Illumination, Communion, Compassion, Black Light, Pure Love

Your Investment
$267 per month
$999 pre-pay in full 
Register below & manage your payments directly
with Nadine or Neeesa

Nadine: 650-219-9395
Neesa 650-642-7955

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If you participated in Restoring the Womb Heart with Neesa, you already know that miracles, expansive awareness and sweet openings happen in this sacred feminine space.

One woman literally felt a uterine polyp release from her body and it was documented by ultrasound. Another woman who participated in a ceremony with Nadine and Neesa had a uterine prolapse retract. 

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