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Growing up as a female on the planet has been like waking up out a deep sleep, only to discover that you've actually been kept in a box.  Get this, 90 percent of humanity is biased against women - even women biased against their own value and capacities.  Does this bother you as much as it does me? With all the inner work I've done personally and the thousands of women I cared for through my years of professional practice, I still find this utterly shocking.  What's clear to me about this is that the needed changes will not come just through political action, they shall arise through inner change. 

It's an evolutionary call to get conscious and unearth the patterns inside of us that have kept us all stuck - men and women - in these old ways of being.  Personally, I'm feeling a strong call to action. This is not the reality I want for my daughters and the next seven generations. This is why I have committed to co-facilitate a deep initiatory program for women to immerse into the Divine Feminine. Her Holy Temple is offering a space for deep and profound healing in a group of committed women over nine months with me and with my dear friend and Priestess Nadine Keller. We are so deeply moved by how many women have already stepped forward with a YES to joining this live circle because they too are feeling the call to be active participants in the evolution revolution, to rediscover themselves as divine humans, connected deeply to one another and to their inner reality as spiritual women.  We have a few spaces left in this sacred circle. If there is even a whisper inside you to get on board and take a deep dive into healing and accessing your divine feminine power and wisdom, take a look at the layout of Her Holy Temple and reach out for a conversation. We begin this empowerment journey on April 5th.  The power we speak of here is not about controlling others. It's about accessing inner depth and taking a spiritual stand. It's what happens when you say yes to yourself, to courageously step into the hard work it takes to move through the inner barriers, the binding generational patterns in your DNA, the social constraints that have held us all back as a collective, to say yes to the inner voice and trust yourself to act even when it feels scary.  True empowerment is what happens when we come into rhythm with our hearts, our bodies, and our souls.

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