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Turkeys and Riding on a the Back of a Jaguar

When your senses are heightened and you're in a state of internal connection, there's an incredible world that awaits by interfacing with the animal kingdom - one that promises to heal separation and create more unity on Earth. I'm always amazed at what happens when I take the time to pay attention to what's around me, like the run of experiences I had last weekend with a black jaguar and a flock of wild turkeys. By expanding my perception this way, it's as though my whole world extends beyond the confines of my individual concerns and a magical doorway opens to the entire web of life, creating a sense of wonder, caring and greater possibility. Connection with animal totems and animal guides can be done internally through meditation and Shamanic style journey, and when we're lucky these encounters step right in front of us in the physical world like these turkeys I discovered holding court in the middle of the road on Sunday morning.

In earth-based teachings, turkeys symbolize the sacred giveaway, recognizing life for its abundance, bounty, and generosity. Having to practically slam on my breaks when I encountered these two males with their fans fully extended really caught my attention when I took a deep breath and just witnessed their grandeur. You see, my morning meditation that day had already delivered a strong message about Voice, reminding me to speak clearly to the abundance universe my truthful desires and the messages that enliven me to teach and to share. The day before I met the turkeys, I attended a workshop during which the facilitator took the group through a guided meditation to meet an animal ally. To my absolute surprise, by the end of the inner journey, I was riding on the back of a black jaguar. When I first encountered the jaguar, I gazed into its powerful presence with trepidation and trembling respect. I asked if it had a message for me. I heard the words, 'steady, strong, agile.' When I put all the pieces together from the weekend's flow - the jaguar, the Voice message and the turkeys - it all delivered the perfect message for what I've been working through in my personal journey. I felt affirmed and supported by something much bigger than myself. The synchronicity was an exhilarating reminder that by paying attention to the signs and symbols in this way, we come to see a much larger picture of reality, feeling the reality of being an integral part of the very fabric of the web of life. This larger perception takes us of out the empty modern experience of hopelessness and isolation. Animal medicine is essential for the ultimate healing of our world, just as important as being part of the human family.

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