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A Divine Feminine Painting Journey

A fun, interactive, colorful, and creative 5-week art medicine
experience to awaken the Priestess within

​Online May 21 - June 25, 2023

Find Your Way Home to Her through an archetypal study of Imagination, Creativity, Divine Self, Timeless Wisdom, and Soul Destiny 

Dearest Priestess,

You may not know this yet. But YOU are a Wisdom Keeper of the Divine Feminine.

And your personal keys are just waiting to be revealed.

When you listen closely, your inner Priestess will whisper the eternal truths, higher guidance,

and powerful revelations.


So you will remember yourself as...  

A midwife who brings life from beyond the veils... A bubbling creative fountain of infinite SACRED

Feminine Wisdom... A conduit to seed the Great Awakening with the fruits of my unique medicine basket ...

A creative woman ready to Emerge with passion and purpose.

If you're ready to open the Gates to Embody Your Priestess, get ready to
roll up your shirt sleeves and surrender to your creative genius through this magical 
Art as Medicine Experience

IMG_2540 (1).jpeg

In this Creative Divine Feminine Painting  Journey, you will:

  • Come to know thyself as 'Priestess' - bringer of magic

  • Dive deep into the universal Wisdom Ways of the Feminine Divine

  • Reveal beauty through Your Wisdom Channel onto a huge canvas 

  • Refine Your Intuition so you will create life & art as a conduit of Spirit 

  • Take away a Medicine Painting - infused with your awakening codes

  • Give voice through images from the sacred place Beyond Words


The Priestess

“She Who Is Keeper of the Keys and Guardian of the Mysteries.

The priestess is the feminine archetype of stillness, silence, and centered presence. From this female receptive place, she becomes the keeper of the keys, the guardian of the female mysteries; only from the place of inner stillness can divine knowing actually flow. The Priestess’ transcendent function in the Mystery is she represents the universal flow of the divine feminine and balance within that flow; through intuition and feeling she is a guide into the unseen realms."

- Ariel Spilsbury

Through this graceful process, you will be guided into union with your inner Priestess and

Discover the joy of creating a beautiful piece of art, self-expression, relaxation, and creativity.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can learn and develop your painting skills. 


Divine Mother visitations have occurred frequently during Neesa’s programs including this painting class to Embody the Inner Priestess.

I will always remember while painting in the eyes a dramatic very tangible shift unfolded in my relationship with the Divine Mother. I ushered her Presence in through my own eyes (so it is different from just looking at a picture). I then wrote a song called  “I AM the Vessel” along with a stream of deep tears and healing.

I am so thankful for Neesa's expert guidance, Presence, and the way she inspires our own spiritual connections and profound experiences!"

The Anatomy of Priestess Paintings Emerging 


"Neesa’s teaching skills are excellent and very loving and encouraging. Her patience made me feel like I could be myself and just let it come through.

Even though I have been a committed priestess for a couple of decades now, there was something about picking up the brush and creating a painting with color and form that expanded my sense of joy as well as deepened my understanding of myself as a priestess. It was surprising the images that came to me - two Goddesses and a wolf howling in my soul." - Gailya


Meet Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

Your Embody the Priestess Guide

Neesa is a Priestess and a Certified Teacher of Intentional Creativity (IC), a worldwide painting movement focused on bringing inner spaces into physical form. Her take on IC is called Art as Medicine, a foundational tenet of her work with clients and students to empower self-awareness, body-mind transformation, and creative spiritual awakening.

Neesa has worked as a healing professional and ceremonial guide for 30 years, initiates women in the Priestess Arts, and is the co-founder of Her Holy Temple, a mystery school for women.

neesa hands on hip.jpg

Join the Spring 2023 Divine Feminine Painting Journey to


Live interactive Sunday painting days via Zoom from 10 am-1 pm Pacific

  • May 21 - Set your intentions and open your mystery painting portal.

  • June 4 - Connecting and Encountering - Bring your priestess face to the canvas. 

  • June 25 - Initiate Your Priestess. Art show and closing ritual.

Visionary Ceremonial Opening. Connect in sisterhood. 

Summon your ascended master guides & meet your Priestess.

  • Tuesday, May 23 from 5 pm - 7 pm Pacific - Opening ritual

Mid-point Q & A live painting workshopGet your questions answered. 

  • Sunday, June 18 from 10 am -1 pm Pacific

  • Video content for easy self-guided painting steps in between live sessions

  • A Priestess Painting Facebook group for community support and engagement. 

  • Zoom recordings for all live sessions. 

Your Investment Just $555 
*the 555 number behind the cost aligns with freedom, change, and adventure

Pre-registration is essential to allow time to gather your art materials and make your Priestess painting journey a success. Once registered, you will receive a list of supplies you will need to pre-order online or go to a local art shop. 

“Neesa brings her own dusting of magic and connection to all of her classes. Spending time with her will be illuminating." - Sandy

Pre-registration is essential to allow time to gather your art materials and make your Priestess painting journey a success. Once registered, you will receive a list of supplies you will need to pre-order online or go to a local art shop. 
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