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 A playful, guided painting & meditation journey so you can break down inner barriers for spiritual inquiry and personal healing, and have fun!

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Paint and Play... Your way... to Inner Change 
With this Captivating Process using Art as Medicine for your body, mind and soul 

Art as Medicine is a path to unveil the unseen, a path to create artful medicine from the well of your Heart and Soul.

It's a powerful guided process to explore rich, wild and magical parts of yourself. Archetypes that when seen deepen Self knowing. 


A path to receive sacred guidance and spiritual union.

Stretching beyond painting skills or rendering images. In fact skill is not the point.


We allow archetypes to emerge from the psyche. Spiritual Tools.

Paint deities 


that illuminates what’s on the inside of you into an art form - revealing that which is beyond words, taking us to places emotionally and spiritually that 

By We peel the back layers , bring forth visions and prayers for healing and place them into a physical art form that emerges as incredible beauty. 

When we create with healing intention, we free ourselves. 

You will create a bridge from the formless into form - which transforms energy so you can return home to yourself.


With the IC process, you will be guided through self-inquiry and self-expression, ultimately heralding the joy that comes with authentic creative flow.  

Art as Medicine is a creative approach rooted in an art lineage called Intentional Creativity with a network of women artists all around the globe. 

Creativity is who you are as a human beings. When you express yourself, you feel good.



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"Through the process, I tapped into a very potent creation energy that I am still contemplating and learning from...the workshop turned out to be an intense mystical experience that left me napping on the beach for 2 hrs after the class. Having the painting which holds the spark for this connection is such a powerful gift!!" -  Dr. Marie

 "I was able to paint it in a way I never thought that I could. I got a lot of insights into who I am and what’s next for me. I’m really excited! Thank you so much Neesa.” – Lynn

"I was so thrilled with Intentional Creativity workshop. I really enjoyed the process and getting connected to my Muse. The workshop was beautifully curated! The ritual and meditation journey really helped me connect with who I am. What a beautiful weekend, beautiful women creating beauty." - Karena


“I was surprised at what came through me. Both times I've done this painting process, were mysterious and magical. The first time I wanted to control things. And when I literally just let the paint brush go where it wanted to go during my second experience, negative thoughts vanished and I was able to surrender to hear my inner voice and receive some helpful spiritual guidance. Neesa masterfully knows how to bring the spiritual side of painting out and it was super cool to have done it - both times." - Jen 


Neesa pictured at right with Intentional Creativity matriarch Shiloh Sophia, during the Sept. 2018 Visionary Philanthropy Art Show in Sonoma, California. 


Shiloh is a global teacher, painter, and poet, who carries a lineage passed to her by the late art maven Sue Hoya Sellars and her teacher Lenore Thomas Strauss.  


Neesa is a certified teacher of the Intentional Creativity Foundation and a 2018 graduate of the Color of Woman Teacher Training.

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