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Client Share Their Shifts

After feeling really stuck for months and struggling with some recurring patterns, I had a single session with Dr. Ginger that really changed me. She is incredibly clairvoyant and intuitive, and she helped me bring up and release core wounding that I wasn't even aware was inside of me. As a result, I am now actively taking steps toward the new life I have been dreaming to create, and I unexpectedly find myself cooking nourishing foods that I never felt I had time for in the past. She helped me come to peace with intense judgements I had about myself, and she provided confirmation that I needed to feel inspired with the direction I am transitioning toward. As if that isn't powerful enough, she also connected me to a past life, and I am still integrating this deeper recognition of my soul. I am profoundly grateful. - Kaela, Life Purpose Coach




"I have had very powerful sessions with Dr. Ginger. I still remember my first session. I was around some dark energy and going through a very difficult time in my life and she was one to see it, clear it and know it. Her chiropractic skills to adjust my neck and back brought peace to my body and mind. She has been very helpful and I am utterly grateful to have worked with her." - Manpreet, author, technologist




“I have worked with Dr.Ginger since I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in August of 2014, and knew western medicine was not the right path for me. After just nine days of seeing Dr. Ginger; the symptoms of anxiety and nervousness I had been experiencing were significantly reduced. By the twelfth day, my heart rate and palpitations were noticeably lower. Within three weeks after my initial visit, the aches that I had in my joints were alleviated and my hands no longer trembled.  I felt immediately relaxed at the first session. She wanted to know about my whole being instead of just numbers on a blood test! Dr. Ginger recommended supplements and foods custom to my needs as well as doing guided energy work that released negative beliefs I had been holding onto. Recently, Dr. Ginger and I connected remotely via Skype.  At first, I was a little apprehensive about working long-distance, but I had a positive experience connecting this way.  It was convenient and an easy way to have a session." - Anonymous, artist teacher

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