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Know Thyself
as a Creative Force in the 
Birth of The New Earth

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Return to the Mother world

Book Launch - Sept. 22, 2023

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Just 99 cents to support the launch of this global collaboration. 

Paperback version will be available Oct. 13th.

Join our exciting book launch and get your free 'From Here to Her' divine feminine activation. 

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 Altars & Meditation Pillows for Your Soul's Illumination 


 Sacred Altar Practices for 
Conscious Creators


 Private Consulting with Neesa 

I believe in the magic that arises from the inner world. 

I believe life can be fun, even in the midst of this most challenging time on Earth.

I believe that we are in an Ascension Process and that the New Earth will surpass your wildest imagination in a really good way.

I believe that your creativity matters. That each of us is needed in our fullness for the New Earth to emerge.

I believe it is our joy that creates the resonance for the ascension of the Earth.

I believe that your actions AND your dreams matter.

Communing with Nature matters and recognizing yourself as part of this glorious ecosystem changes reality.

How you cultivate your home space matters.

How you tend to your thoughts, beliefs and your body matters.

Your intuition matters deeply, and it opens up when you do.

Cultivating your intuition and trusting your body wisdom is foundational to harmonize with the web of creation.

Embracing these truths is what led me to the surprising discovery of my unique gifts as a teacher, artist and visionary healer.

I wonder what creative awakenings await ~ as you claim your path of trusted intuition and creative flow.

Your Creative Feminine Guide-ess,

Dr. Neesa Ginger Mills

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In a fragmented world of endless distraction...
Only the path of self-remembrance will guide you home. Enlivened. Creative. Sovereign.
Are You Ready? Let's Co-create Some Magic!

Schedule your free discovery session with Dr. Neesa and let's talk about how I might be able to help you on your journey Home to Her.

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